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  • A treehouse
  • Or even just a tree to read under
  • A place to sit on my roof
  • A fire escape
  • Overalls
  • A banjo along with talent to play said banjo
  • Stop being boring
  • Make beautiful things
  • Have adventures and if there are no adventures to be had, make my own
  • Document everything
  • Be kind

The other day in homeroom the girl who sits behind said that her and another girl look at my blog sometimes.

It was like that text post that says “what if someone came up to you at school and whispered your URL in your ear”

Yeah that happened

I saw this girl at Bunbury who looked like Andie from Pretty in Pink and I wanted to make friends with her but I’m too socially awkward

If I was going to build a house, I think I’d want there to be windows in the ceiling so you could see the sky and watch storms

Do you guys wanna hear about my lacrosse game? Probably not but ok

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Ughhhhhhhh don’t read this

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Things I’m excited for

  • The Hunger Games midnight premiere with Meg
  • Florida
  • Spring Break in general
  • Fun. concert
  • Foster the People concert
  • LAX game Saturday
  • Going out to eat tomorrow
  • Reading “Submarine”
  • Getting my disposable developed
  • Friday because I’m off
  • Monday because I’m off
  • Going to the railroad with Anthony
  • Freaking Summer, dammit
  • Go to Anthony’s
  • Blog
  • Go to the mall with Logan
  • Eat pound cake from the fish fry
  • Go to the WCAR show
  • Watch Beavis and Butthead
  • Draw
  • Everything

So my friend’s dragging me to a mixer tonight….

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lol one time me and my dad had a fight at the supermarket and we happened to be standing next to the tampons and this lady came up to me and was like “I’ll help you pick them out if you want” cuz she thought we were fighting about tampons omg